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Hello... I am Happy You Joined Me!

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My name is Monalisa Star, and I am a Singer, Songwriter, Model, TV Host and a Lady of Elegance.  As a Singer/Songwriter I am uniquely inspired to create music and encourage listeners with songs that uplift the spirt and soul. As a Singer and Speaker, I've been told by many that my "voice tone" is distinctly angelic, serene, sultry, calm, soothing and peaceful. 


It is my heart's desire to encourage people to live in light of eternity. That means to live one's life following, trusting and obeying God who is the Author and Finisher of our faith. As a Christian I am compelled to trust in God in all things and to follow the Holy Spirit's wisdom, guidance and word to walk and believe by faith in the power of His "Word" and in the perfection of His plan.

Leisurely, I enjoy traveling, dancing, singing, sharing my faith, fine dining, going to the movies, listening to testimonies and individual's stories, sharing a positive word, connecting hearts through song, exercising, and most recreational activities. :-) 

I am really excited about some new projects that I have coming up so be on the lookout for my Upcoming New Album, New TV Shows on "Monalisa Star TV", and "Monalisa Star Elegant Designs" all to be released soon!


My social media handle (Facebook, You Tube, X, Instagram) is "MonalisaStarTV". Beginning in 2024, I will post new videos, photos, performances dates, travel experiences and all upcoming announcements as they are produced. 

Within the fullness of time and the release of the gifts that God has given me, not only am I looking forward to the release of the aforementioned projects, but I am also super excited about the Worldwide Music & Empowerment Tour that will manifest for the Glory of our God! It will be an eminent tour for the ages, and it is coming soon!


Once again, I am happy that you joined me, I pray the blessings of the Lord be upon you and let us look forward to indulging in the beauty and blessings of the Kingdom of God on Earth together!


Until we connect again I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, A very Merry Christmas and the Greatest New Year!


Hugs and Love and... "Remember to love God, love yourself and love each other" because there is no greater power on the planet than...LOVE!


Yours Truly,

Monalisa Star


My Favorite Christmas Song!

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